Available  from Theodore Front Publishing
tel: 661 250-7189
2015  - THE LARIAT, a new opera in English, Esselen and Spanish, based on Jaime De Angulo's novella, winner of the NY Center for Contemporary Opera Atelier Award. Chamber Orchestra version, or piano/vocal version available.
Scored for  Mezzo Soprano, 2 Baritones, 2 Tenors, Soprano and SATB Chorus.  Chamber version for Flutes, Percussion, Piano and Cello. 1 and 1/2 hours duration. 261 Pages.


Piano solo reductions are also available.

2012DAUGHTER OF THE RED TZAR, a new opera in English commissioned by and premiering at Thick House Theater, San Francisco. In English, 80 minutes.
  • Scored for Tenor, Baritone, 2 Mezzo Sopranos and chorus.
  • Orchestration: Chamber Orchestra, OR: Vibraphone and percussion, piano, accordion,violin, cello,bass.
  • Piano Vocal or Full score available for purchase, contact: www.tfront.com/  tel: 661 250-7189

 2010 - TEN DAYS/ DIECI GIORNI  in Italian or English,  based on Boccaccio’s Decameron, 35 minutes (opera excerpt).

  • For Countertenor, Mezzo Soprano, Soprano, Baritone, and chorus.
  • Orchestration: Chamber Orchestra, OR, Percussion, Accordion, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello.  

"Transparently scored, clearly played, and vividly sung. . ."  Sequenza 21


2008 - TRAP DOOR: Based on Camus' The Stranger. A dark comedy based on one US Soldier's experience in Iraq.   Commissioned by The Lab/Art re grup. In English.60 minutes
  • For Baritone, Tenor, 3 Sopranos and chorus.
  • Orchestration: Chamber Orchestra, OR Oboe, Trumpet, Piano, Viola Cello, Contrabass.
    Made Possible by the LEF Foundation,The Argosy Contemporary Music Fund, Meet the Composer, the Hewlett Foundation,  and the American Composers Forum.
  • Piano Vocal or Full score available for purchase, contact:  scores@scolavox.org


“ a gifted Bay Area composer”   San Francisco Bay Guardian, Berkeley Daily Planet


  • In Italian, a 60 minute comic opera of love and
  • frantic materialism.
  • For Tenor, Baritone, 2 Sopranos , Mezzo Soprano and chorus.
  • Orchestration: for chamber orchestra, OR
  • Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello and Contrabass.  Made Possible by the Argosy Foundation’s Contemporary Music Fund. 
  • Piano Vocal or Full score available for purchase, contact:  scores@scolavox.org

    “The music is excellent in this new composition… the singing was perfectly tuned to the chamber ensemble, and the production was mounted in a very creative Commedia Dell’arte style.”   San Francisco Bay Times


 " Scola Prosek’s insticts are right on the money… she conjured  Renaissance Italy ”simply” yet effectively with rich   sustained harmonies for her vocal quintet…and made it come alive convincingly as sound”  Sequenza 21.

2006 - LIBERA ME. Oratorio for Choir and Orchestra: Scored for the Schola Cantorum San Francisco and The San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. 15 minutes.  


2006 - I QUADERNI DI LEONARDO, 35 minutes, an opera in Italian based on Leonardo DaVinci's quotes, observations, and narrations from his notebooks.
  • Orchestration: For Tenor, 3 Sopranos,and chorus. For Clarinet, Piano,Violin, Cello, or chamber orchestra.


"Intricate and highly expressive music.”  Sequenza 21.